Rooted apps for android

List of Top 7 Android App: you should know about these

if you are an android user so you should know about this app. this post may help you to change the way of how you use your phone. After rooting the android phone, you can use these best rooted apps
First of all, you need to root your device if your device is not rooted, this post is wasteful for you if  you don’t know “how to root” then read this post first ” Root “.


so there is some list of rooted apps that we should use.

1 Root Explorer

root explorer is the explorer for that user who rooted their android phones. you can access and read any files from your mobile. Normal explorer can open the file. but root explorer helps you to open and read the files of your mobile.


2. Tasker

Tasker is the very useful app for android users. you can perform much more with Android mobile with Tasker.

Titanium backup

There are hundreds of app who help us to create the backup but Titanium Backup is the very powerful option for creating a backup. you can make the complete backup of your android mobile. titanium backup is one of the best rooted apps for rooted mobile. With the help of this application, you can backup your apps and data and uninstall freeze apps.


4. Battery calibration

Battery Calibration is a free and useful app for android users. This app shows your actual battery status. Battery calibration is one of the best rooted phones. The common problem of android phone is “Battery” and this app helps you to is increase battery life. This app shows you the following information on your phone and battery.

  • Battery Level
  • Technology of your Battery
  • Plugged or not (plugged with USB or Charger)
  • Health of your battery
  • Actual Status of your phone (charging or not)
  • Temperature
  • And Gives you tips about charging.
  • etc. etc.



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Flashify is best rooted apps for android users. It gives you some very interesting and important service like

  •  Flash zip files.
  • Download CWM, Gapps, Franco Kernel.
  • Backup & restore
  • synchronized backups of your devices with desktops.
  • wipe cache



Greenify Hibernates apps like facebook, WhatsApp etc’ which are running in the background and sometimes be the reason for hanging.Greenify stop background process. it helps to increase the performance of android mobile. It increases the lifetime of your device.



7.Device control:-

Device control is all in one rooted app that controls all features of your device (android).

It can be used to control:

  • It controls of your battery.
  • the processor’s frequency
  • This  rooted apps can be used to increase performance.
  • energy level.
  •  display colors.




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