How to get Reliance Jio Sim Card

Today i m gonna share this post that how could you get jio sim if still you dont have jio sim than you came at right place and after reading this post you are able to get jio sim.

 Reliance Jio sim card has started a new plan to everyone with reliance jio sim card. this is amazing and valuable to those who are irritated by recharging their phone every day,

But now this is available at retail outlets across India. The service will be free to use for all until December 31. Reliance jio sim card launched a bunch of prepaid and postpaid plans. you can choose 4g plans with just rs. 150. Here,s everything you need to know the reliance Jio 4g network – from getting a Reliance Jio sim card, to the plans, phones that will work,MNP process, and more.

1.How to get Jio sim card

Reliance Jio sim card will be available to anyone from Monday, and the process of getting one is pretty simple, though it,s likely there will be huge queues at stores with everyone trying to get their hands on a Reliance jio sim card, so plan accordingly. if you have an Andhaar card, we recommend carrying that for the eKYC process as it greatly simplifies the activation process and you can download MYJIO app by downloading you will be able to get reliance jio sim card nearest your mobile store.

2. Reliance jio sim card plans:-

unless you’ve been living under a rock, you ‘ve heard by now that Reliance jio sim card will not change for voice calls and national calls roaming will be free as well. Monthly prepaid plans start at rs.149, and they include a certain amount of wifi data on the nationwide jio net network and free access to reliance jio’s apps and service until December 2017, a package that’s said to be worth Rs. 15,000 per year according to Reliance’s own estimates.


Monthly plans

Reliance jio sim card has also unveiled a bunch of postpaid plans that are similar to its prepaid offerings.

3. Reliance jio sim card phones:-

Reliance jio sim card is using a 4G-

only network with VoLTE technology for phone calls. This means your exiting phone may not work on it unless it comes with 4G support. Even if you have a 4G phone unless it supports VoLTE, you will not be able to male voice calls, though Reliance jio is offering its jio join app as a workaround. for the full Reliance jio experience, though, it’s recommended you get a volTE phone. If you are not ready to switch phones, check out JioFi.



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