How to turn any YouTube video to gif


youtube video to gif You can turn any YouTube video to GIF. It’s a way to turn any YouTube video into Gif file. I am going to show you,”how to turn YouTube videos into ‘gif’, by two methods. Method 1: step 1: copy the URL of any video from YouTube. [ Right click on YouTube […]

How to clean ram without any software

how to clean ram

How to clean ram RAM (random access memory), the final frontier. You’ve been with us since the PC’s invention and you always seem to run out on us. Sometimes, you even cause problems that go unnoticed until you make everything come crashing down. Internal memory has come a long way, though. We’ll show you how you can free up memory […]

How to use WhatsApp on Pc

how to use whatsapp on pc

How to use WhatsApp on Pc in two Method:-   METHOD 1: BlueStacks (Download WhatsApp for PC) [You can use WhatsApp on PC by using Bluestacks] Step 1. Download BlueStacks from here Check your compatibility for your PC and version of your windows.     Step 2. Download whatsApp form here You are ready […]

3 simple Ways to unlock android phone


what if you forgot your Android’s pattern lock? If you forgot your Android’s pattern lock then you can open it by resetting the phone but by resetting the phone you will loose your data so there is a question how to bypass android pattern lock. bypass means just pass the pattern lock and you will be […]

How to Recover deleted files


How to Recover deleted files. quickly from corrupted memory, formatted the disk and deleted files in simple steps    A common problem with everyone is how to recover data if it’s deleted by you accidentally and you are instress of “recovering problem”. so don’t panic and be relax , coz there is an app for PC […]

Rooted apps for android

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List of Top 7 Android App: you should know about these if you are an android user so you should know about this app. this post may help you to change the way of how you use your phone. After rooting the android phone, you can use these best rooted apps First of all, you need […]

How to Root Android

how to root android

Before knowing how to root android phone, you must know this information. What is rooting? Rooting is a jailbreak type features  for Android and its  allows us to use deeply  root android phone. ROOT ANDROID PHONE  allow you to access the all operating system and we are able to customize anything  in our your root […]