How to use free internet on android

Everyone want to use the free internet but we can’t because we don’t know exactly how to do.sometimes we think can we really get free internet, if you all have this question in your mind then get ready for free internet.which is free for lifetime.After reading this post, you will be able to get free internet.

In this post, we are going to share the

new configuration of DroidVPN

which will help you to
have free internet on your Android devices,


  1. You must have 4.0 or higher Android version or a rooted device
  2. You should not have mobile balance otherwise, it will be consume
  3. We need to open an account at the official website of the DroidVPN App which we can do from here: Sign in DroidVPN

Steps to download, install and configure the application DroidVPN

  1. In our device, open Google Play and seek App DroidVPN.
    Then download and install
  2. Now access the application and they will be asked to enter email id or password. These data (email and password) must be the same data we use to check on the official website of the DroidVPN
  3. Once you enter your data the application will show us a small Ventana with the terms of reliability where we have to check “I trust this application” and then click on OK.

hope this will work properly 🙂


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