How to turn any YouTube video to gif

youtube video to gif

You can turn any YouTube video to GIF. It’s a way to turn any YouTube video into Gif file. I am going to show you,”how to turn YouTube videos into ‘gif’, by two methods.

step 1: copy the URL of any video from YouTube. [ Right click on YouTube video copy the URL ] “I am going to make a gif of “Main rahoon ya na rahoon, Emraan Hashmi”, you can select any video of you choice.


step 2: go to this site will help you to create the gif of any YouTube video. This is amazing and fast. You’ll be surprised by this.


Step 3: Paste the URL into the blank box. past as it is. don’t change into URL. It may show error or occur any exception.


step 4: To view or download the gif of the video, click on “Load Video” and wait for a while. It’ll load your video to the server and make a gif and present to you.



step 5: This page will come after redirecting. adjust your setting and time to make gif according to you (you can make a gif as you want).

you need to register to make gif longer than 5 sec.


step 6:  Select time {“default is 5 sec “}gif6

step 7: choose file type: Action , animal , art , cartoon , celebrity , entertainment , decades , etc.


step 8: come down.   gif8

click on download.


Here is a gif …




Method 2:


step 1: go to and play any video. you can play HD videos ( doesn’t matter which type of video is).


step 2: click on URL,, and add text to there before like

add “gif” before



step 3: Adjust your settings And enjoy. This is the site where you can edit , crop , adjust time, adjust type of video,  Add caption, and create gif.


you can download and share it on a different platform, like Facebook.



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