How to secure Facebook account from Hackers!

How to secure facebook account from Hackers


facebook account! nowadays hacking and hackers are increasing day by day and may every person are using facebook account. as we know hackers can easily hack any facebook account so we wanna prevent our account from them and everyone should know this tips which I am going to explain how can you secure facebook account.

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There are 4 ways to tell you how to secure facebook account.

1.Sign out after use.

  sign out after use is most important to secure facebook account and don’t forget to sign out after every login.

2. avoid spam links

     Facebook is serious about spam and is always trying to make sure that you are safe from being a victim to scams.        This type of attacks includes money scams through direct or indirect requests via Facebook messages, chat etc,        and they also use phishing page that redirects  you to fake websites that could retrieve your personal                          information.

There are many ways you can avoid being a victim:

  1. Never click on suspicious links, even if it came from your best  friends. If you receive any  link then ask your friend what about is this link.This includes all links that appear in your Facebook Chat, Messages, friend’s status post or even from your email.
  2. Never give your id or password to anyone.
  3.  Always Log in only at and not from any other link or website, unless you are accessing via Facebook App.
  4. Update your browser to its latest version to ensure your browser’s security is up to date.

3 always choose “don’t keep me log in”

4. Always use private browsing.

always use private browsing because it does not save your password or login id and it does not save any history or     any cache memory.



For Firefox, go to Tools > Start Private Browsing.



If you are using Chrome, there’s an option to browse using the Incognito window, it’s a version of Chrome window where all browsing activity will not be logged in. To open this window, go to File > New Incognito Window.



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