How to root Samsung J5 safely without pc!

How to Root Samsung J5

Hello, friends, how you doing today? If you want to know how to root Samsung J5, then you came to the right place. Here you can find all the possible ways to root this phone with some fun as well.


How to root Samsung j5

Before we start rooting our device, we should know that what rooting actually is? Actually, Rooting means providing android smartphone users, a set of privileged options for the modification of the device. It will afford you a type of control over your device that you might not have thought was ever possible.

It is often performed with the goal of overcoming limitations that manufacturers put on some devices. Thus, rooting gives the ability/permission to alter or replace system applications and settings, run specialized applications that require administrator-level permissions, or perform other operations that are otherwise inaccessible to a normal Android user. This process can either be done through the boot menu of the android device or simply by some free downloadable applications. Such majorly preferred applications (.apk file) are:-


Or the most famous and the commonly used one which is

And one of the main things is that you should download the latest version. We will be using KINGROOT in our entire journey/process.



The people often root their android phones just for the smooth functioning and the stabilization of their devices.

We can see the following changes immediately after rooting.

  1. It allows the user to change the theme, can do modification from the battery color to boot animation that appears when the phone is switching ON or OFF.
  2. We can remove the unwanted system applications which are also known as the bloatware.
  3. A lot of Custom ROMs will improve your battery life via the removal of bloatware and unnecessary applications that hinder performance.
  4. Rooting a device gives you the ability to overclock its processor.
  5. Custom automated system-level processes through the use of third-party applications.
  6. It allows you to install a custom ROM.
  7. We can get an AdBlocker from the play store which you can access only after rooting your phones which help you get way far from the annoying advertisements which you get on your screen.
  8. There is another feature which is known as the CPU clocking which you can use to lower you processor performance which will save a lot of battery draining.

In many countries rooting is illegal, so first check whether rooting is not illegal in your country.


Rooted applications

There are many applications which do not work till the phone is rooted and they are very useful and come in use in our daily life also. Some of the applications are:

  • DroidWall
  • Dual Mount SD Widget
  • Hexamob Recovery Pro
  • Keyboard Manager
  • LEDs Hack
  • Root Call Blocker
  • Samba Filesharing
  • Titanium Backup


Example of Installing Application


  • Just download and install KINGROOT from the above link and if the phone gives a popup showing “Installation Blocked”, then don’t worry.

How to root Samsung J5


  • This application will not cause any harm to your device. Click on the “Install Anyway” option. And then the application will be installed like a normal application.
  • Just open the application and slide upwards and then click on try it.


How to root Samsung J5



  • Then it will check whether the root strategy is available or not.


How to root Samsung J5


  • Then click on try to root.

How to root Samsung J5


  • Wait till the phone is being rooted.

How to root Samsung J5

  • During this process your phone could reboot several times, so don’t worry.


  • After the process is complete you will see a screen like this
    How to root Samsung J5
  • You can also see a new application which is known as the SUPERUSER in your collection of apps with a hashtag(#) type sign in its icon
  • SUPERUSER will decide and ask you by giving a popup whether to give access to some applications to use the root function or not.
  • That’s all by this you are done with all the process.



In my opinion, you should root your device to get some of the privileged options which you don’t get if not rooted. It also officially makes you’re the full owner of the device by which you can do anything you want in your device. You just gain a new level of achievement after rooting your phone.

Now that you are aware of the rooting of the phone & maybe you have learned that hot to root Samsung j5 or you still have some problems then you can watch our video.

Has anything to say then go ahead and do comment below and let me know !

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