How to know who viewed my facebook profile

 who viewed my facebook profile?


In this post, I’m going to show you how to know who viewed my facebook profile. Even if Facebook does know who viewed my facebook profile, they’re not telling. There’s simply no way to access this information, and, therefore, no app or trick, not matter how convincing it looks, can actually provide it. Who is viewing my Facebook profile? Rather than “how to end world hunger?”, this is probably the most frequently asked question of the last decade. After all, you go through the trouble of setting up what you feel is the best representation of yourself, why wouldn’t you want to know who’s seen it? You may find your crush with this application. You can find profile visitors/profile stalkers/profile spy.

Steps for that:

  1. First of all, click on Google app. a
  2. And click on WEB STORE.
  3. Then type FACEBOOK FLAT in the search box and then enter.b


4.Click on ADD TO CHROME, then new tab open.


  1. Then click on ADD EXTENSION.
  2. Now login to your facebook account and check


all done. you just check it if u wanna know who view your facebook profile


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