How to clean ram without any software

How to clean ram

RAM (random access memory), the final frontier. You’ve been with us since the PC’s invention and you always seem to run out on us. Sometimes, you even cause problems that go unnoticed until you make everything come crashing down.

Internal memory has come a long way, though. We’ll show you how you can free up memory and extend your RAM virtually.

so get ready for clean ram without using any type of software.

 how to clean RAM

Step 1); open Run prompt(window key+R)



Step 2); type “prefetch” then delete all prefetch memory


Step 3); type “temp” in run prompt than delete all Temporary memory


Step 4); type “recent ” in run than clear all recent file list that store by computer


Step 5); type “%temp%” then delete all temporary memory of admin of PC


Step 6); open task manager than disabling all unnecessary programs and stop all unnecessary services


step 7); change your background to default , the default will help you run your PC faster coz it decrease the graphics use in GUI.

(it’ll save up to 10 MB or above , it’s all depend on you [how you pc] but it will definitely work, guaranteed)

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