How do we view and delete Google Search History

google search history!

we all must know about google search history if you already know that’s good if not then don’t worry I will explain.

google search history monitoring us every time iff  we sign in our google account otherwise google can’t monitoring on us.

what is google search history?


Whenever your computer is signed up with Google account then any of the searches we search  by using Google Search like  Images, Maps and YouTube. This feature is really great for those people who  need to find something that  they may have searched in the past or just to know want an idea of them  searching habits.


How to check google search history


now log into the google search page at then enter your username and password after log in you can see your google search history.


how to pause google search history

you can also pause this activity at here


for example given below

google search history

by clicking on this button, you can pause search and browsing history

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how to delete google search history?

  1. Visit on Web & App Activity page. then you may ask for sign into your Google Account.
  2. At the top of the page press on  Delete.



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