convert jpg to word

convert jpg to word

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This website is really awesome because we just need to upload your file and then this website automatically convert that file into in this way you can save yours lots of time and your PC also can take some rest. 🙂

Convert Scanned file jpg, jpeg, png, icon or any image file or Scanned PDF into Text File using this online tool


  •” Sometimes we need to make the assignment of our colleges, schools and offices, and we have our project in Images format but we need to convert it plain text, so there we need this tool. We don’t need to write all the text again, so don’t waste time and use this tool.


1>  just open this site by clicking here ( This page will be shown there. Check there is few option to convert the image into text. Let’s start…



2> Click on Select file… to select file from your computer/mobile. Select anyone …


3>  Select language and output format

Language: – select the language in which the file format is, means to say, what language is used in the file / image or in which language you will get the file. What you’ll download from the server.


Output format: – there is three option to select output format, the first one is

1) Microsoft word (doc): – The format will be in Microsoft word. In this format, the words of the image will be copied to a doc file. And the server will assume the image fill is a captured image of docs.



2) Microsoft Excel (xlsx): – get the file in the format of excel. Unlike docs word, the file format will be in xlsx (Microsoft excel). The data will be printed in matrix format and

3) Plain Text: – to get the file in plain text. Simply the words will be printed as prints in notepad. You can just copy that format and paste it anywhere.



4) the last step fills the captcha and you are done.


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