How to reset admin password


Reset admin password by using cmd in a simple way! Windows come with an account called admin account, which has the supreme privilege to make any changes in the system. So, generally, you had better put a strong password on this admin but hackers get into your computer easily and can get your personal data […]

How to Fix pen drive if not showing full space

fix pendrive problems

How to Fix pen drive if not showing full space by using cmd! Pen drives are the best way to carry the huge amount of data.Pendrive is very reliable and cheap device because of size and shape of pen drive, but sometimes we face pen drive problems like it not showing full space, can’t transfer […]

How to download video from youtube without using any software

Download video from Youtube

Download video from Youtube youtube has been designed to watch video online from their website. we all are want to save our favorite video from Youtube so we can watch our favorite Youtube videos without being connected to the internet. I am going to tell you a simple way to download video from Youtube. There […]