How to secure gmail account by using 2 step authentication

2 Step Authentication

Before the start, you must know why you need 2 step authentication.

it’s too easier than you think that nobody can steal your password.

any one of these steps could put you at risk !!!

clicking on the link which is in your inbox or spam.

Randomly download software from the internet.

if you create many social accounts with the same password then it is also a risk.

How its work.

when you sign in on Gmail then it will ask your password and then you use as usual but in 2 step authentication after entering the password google send the code via text or voice call. unless entering the code, you can’t enter in your account.

So 2 step authentication process is best for security.


1 Open Gmail id

2 Click on My account

3 Final Step – Click on Signing in to Google

you can see there is a Step Verification tag

Click on that

Click on “Start Setup”

here is your phone no.
Click on “send code”

check your mobile phone
you must get a verification code and then Verify.

after entering the code, you will be able to use your account.


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