How to root Samsung J5 safely without pc!

how to root samsung j5

How to Root Samsung J5 Hello, friends, how you doing today? If you want to know how to root Samsung J5, then you came to the right place. Here you can find all the possible ways to root this phone with some fun as well.   How to root Samsung j5 Before we start rooting […]

Google voice Commands

voice commands

voice Commands If Google Now doesn’t get your voice commands right, you can correct it by saying “No, I said…” and trying the phrase again. General information of voice commands What the [yahoo] stock price? What is [fruit] trading at? What’s [160 metere] in [Kilomiles]? What is [400 ounces] in [mililiters/liters]? What’s [520] divided by […]

Get High Definition sound and music from your computer

get high definition sound

Set up your speakers for getting high definition sound! To set up your speakers for getting high definition sound, follow these steps: Open Audio Devices and Sound Themes by clicking theStart button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Hardware and Sound, and then clicking Sound. Click the thePlayback tab, select Speakers, and then click Configure. UnderAudio Channels, select which speakers are present in your speaker […]

How to speed up my pc!

speed up my pc

speed up my pc for best performance There are many ways to clean your computer but you merely know “how to clear computer” not “How to speed up my PC or clean computer completely for getting maximum performance. after reading this post, you’ll know how to How to speed up my PC without the formatting drive. Cleaning […]